Welcome to the BERDICHEV Discussion Group1. This is a discussion forum for anyone who has an interest in Genealogy or History specifically related to Jewish Genealogy in Berdichev, Russia (now a part of the Ukraine).

These pages will provide information how to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to the discussion group. This is only a forum for people with a common interest in which to share information. You must be a subscribed member in order to post messages to the forum.

On average, since this groups inception, you will find approximately 150 members. Typically, and unfortunately, this group tends to be very quiet, with little or nothing being said. When you join, I suggest you post a question or share your family information to the group rather than wait for someone to say something. Chances are someone will respond as many of our members have been here since the beginning.

My name is Jeanne Gold and I'm the list manager2. I'm responsible for keeping the discussion list running as smoothly as possible and setting some rules and guidelines.

VERY IMPORTANT: I am ONLY the list manager.

Please do not contact me with questions about your personal research. I am not geared to handle inquiries of that nature. Instead, contact your local Jewish genealogical society or post a message on the JewishGen Discussion Group. The only surnames of interest I have from this region are Zackon (Zakon) and Daskovsky.

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I can never stress the importance of this enough. If you need help with the Berdichev Discussion Group (only), contact ME. Please do *not* ask for help by posting a message to the general membership. My eMail address is located at the bottom of the menu to your left.

It never fails. Someone always posts "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" issues to the list ... please do not be one of those offenders. Remember: you managed to get yourself subscribed to this discussion list, there is no reason you can not get yourself unsubscribed. Barring that, contact me via eMail (bottom of menu at left).


PLEASE Keep This Message

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Yes, I realize it's long but there's a lot of important information here.


You may see some new terms and phrases here along with exacting instructions about sending commands, etc. You will soon get used to it -- don't let it bother you. In order to make things work well you must follow instructions -- to the letter. If you leave something out of a command or put something extra in, it won't work. This is because of the way computer programs work.